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Tailored solutions that address your specific concerns such as digestion, detox, women’s health, pregnancy, postpartum, and more!

These specialized health packages are for you if:

You’re a new or current client looking to explore a specific area of your health in a focused way

You’re looking for a short-term commitment in getting started with the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine 

You’re facing menstruation, women’s health, or digestive issues 

You’re looking for an individualized cleanse to reset and detox 

You’re an expecting or new mother looking for support along the way 



This package can be used anytime of the year to recalibrate your digestion. A customized mini-cleanse, this is a tailored detox plan and includes two private sessions with Lynne Pike for a digestive reset that will leave you with more energy and balance.


This package dives into menstruation. Together, we’ll explore your patterns, resolve pain, cramping, and address absent, irregular, or heavy periods. This package requires a 3-6 month commitment and meets monthly.

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This package is for first-time and renewed Motherhood. Lynne offers nurturing guidance every step of the way through pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. This package includes three Ayurveda sessions with Lynne Pike and a Customized Postpartum Care Plan.


"I am so grateful to have found Ayurveda with Lynne. For years I searched for answers to my health concerns: from digestive issues to stress, energy, sleep and menstruation problems. I saw numerous doctors and specialists with very little progress. I initially started working with Lynne to help my digestive issues but what she has shown and taught me is a whole person approach, not just symptom control—all while using natural gentle methods. Lynne has encouraged me every step of the way, providing support emotionally and spiritually when I needed it!”

- L.D.

Fourth Trimester Support

Postpartum is a beautiful, and challenging, time marked after delivery and up through your first year of recovery. Postpartum involves a Sacred Window (the first 42 days after delivery) where new moms need to recover, heal, and rejuvenate while bonding with their new baby. 


These packages are specifically designed to provide women’s health support through Postpartum Counseling, Postpartum Doula Support, and Postnatal Yoga.


Feel held, seen, and heard in your transition to parenthood.

A Collaborative Offering:

Sarah Kearns


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Each Postpartum Care Package Includes:​

  • Essential support within your first six weeks post-delivery focusing on recovery 

  • An individualized blend of Ayurveda + Doula + Postnatal Yoga + Apothecary Support 

  • Guidance for both first-time and experienced mothers

  • 3 Ayurveda Counseling Sessions


  • Customized Postpartum Care Plan with Lynne


  • 4 hrs Postpartum Doula Care with Sarah

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  • 3 Ayurveda Counseling Sessions

  • Customized Postpartum Care Plan with Lynne



  • 2 Postnatal Yoga Sessions with Sarah




  • 3 Ayurveda Counseling Sessions

  • Customized Postpartum Care Plan with Lynne

  • 2 Postnatal Yoga Sessions with Sarah

  • 4 hrs Postpartum Doula Care with Sarah

“When I first found out I was pregnant, I didn’t know where to begin. Lynne offered  clarity and reassurance that allowed me to fill in the gaps. Lynne’s informed,  grounded approach to facilitating my prenatal care was a relief and deeply nourishing. She not only knows how to navigate the daily changes month by month, she also gave me tools to use in my daily work life. Prenatal Ayurveda care with Lynne  was well worth my time and investment!” 

- B.K.

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