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  • Lynne Pike

Dry January — Your mental detox routine

Updated: Apr 24

"Dry January" can mean different things...

Here at Ayurveda with Lynne "Dry January" means your favorite mental reseta guided month-long rest from the chaos.

Abstain from alcohol, within a supportive community and learn how to incorporate destressing techniques, gentle mindfulness, and nurturing skills in order to balance out the holiday season.

The holidays can be a wonderful time, yet they are often coupled with excess and with stress.

Our bodies and our minds can only handle so much excess and so much stress before it needs a caring and intentional rest.

You are Invited!

Explore what you get in this cohort:

  • supportive, guided experience

  • community

  • positive atmosphere

  • affirmations

  • destressing techniques

  • nurturing skills

  • soothing recipes

  • mental detox handbook

  • free downloads

  • curated content

  • live zoom sessions

Is there a food "diet"?

No specific food regimen is followed during this mental detox. Material focuses on gentle mindfulness alongside skills + techniques that promote ways to destress within a nurturing environment.

Can you participate if sober?

Yes! This mental detox is right for you if you are looking for a supportive rest after the holidays. Whether you are intentionally choosing to abstain from alcohol or are already sober, focus is on community, destressing techniques, and nurturing skills that support all.

What if you continue to consume alcohol?

That is okay! Abstaining from alcohol is optional. The importance of reducing and/or abstaining from alcohol helps to clear the mind. Regardless of your choices, you will still receive all the support, affirmations, and skills to destress along with everyone else.


Price: $199

Register + inquire below:


Live alongside Nature — Reduce Stress — Restore Your Equilibrium

Lynne Pike

India’s traditional system of medicine, Ayurveda is holistic in nature—uniting your mind, body, senses, and soul. Ayurveda focuses on digestion, sleep, and energy to reduce stress and bring balance back into your life.


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