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  • Lynne Pike

New year... Same you?

Updated: Apr 18

Happy New Year!

In Winter, the changing of the New Year can bring hopes, dreams, and desires.

It can also bring the feeling of needing a fresh start.

A fresh perspective.

Even though there is pressure to make New Year’s Resolutions … you don’t necessarily need to plan something monumental on January 1st.

Small changes are the ones that tend to last anyway.

What Do You Need — in order to become more You?

Perhaps you need something more subtle, more small, more meaningful?

Winter is a time of contemplation and restoration; a time your body naturally builds reserves before the surge of Spring.

Winter is also a time to check-in with yourself, as we seek calm and nourishment. Especially after holiday months! We may feel the deep need for a re-set or a reboot in our mind, our emotions, and our digestion!

Are you looking for a fresh perspective on your own health + well-being?

Ayurveda can...

  • Reduce stress, burnout, and fatigue by fostering healthy sleep patterns

  • Enable your body to rejuvenate

  • Align your goals with your health

Ayurveda provides a tune-up; a check-in; a targeted individual health plan; overall general support...

The possibilities are endless …

So, what do YOU need?

Hear how Ayurveda—the oldest form of medicine in the world—connects your mind + body with your desires, your hopes and your dreams.


Live alongside Nature — Reduce Stress — Restore Your Equilibrium

Warmly, Lynne Pike


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