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  • Lynne Pike

Benefits of Qigong

Updated: Apr 18

An exciting collaboration between Ayurveda with Lynne and Qigong for Inner Peace

Qigong and Ayurveda have much in common.

Movement is Medicine + Food is Medicine

Qigong weaves in beautifully with Ayurveda as both involve nature & balance.

What is Qigong?

Qigong is Mindful Movement that awakens your brain, calms your mind, and stimulates your circulation so that energy can flow freely throughout your body and your mind—improving upon overall well-being.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda improves longevity and well-being by reducing stress + bringing balance back to your life through digestion, sleep, and energy patterns via small changes in food and lifestyle choices.

From Our Qigong Experts…

"Mental Health Matters: Qigong Can Help"

When we arrive for Qigong class generally we are still in our grasshopper mind jumping from one thought to the next thinking about our worries and activities which need to be addressed or are just looping.

Sometimes we even skip the "me time" of class we deserve and especially need. Has this happened to you? It sure has for me. We know the benefits of qigong aid in optional body function, boosting the immune system, releasing stagnant energy, and improving circulation of blood, oxygen, and Qi throughout the body—and so much more.

Evidence suggests that Qigong is effective for aiding in mental health concerns. Qigong promotes relaxation while decreasing sympathetic output as it tones the vagus nerve.

Some of the benefits experienced with a consistent Qigong practice include:

  • reduced stress, anxiety, and mood disturbances

  • reduced insomnia

  • reduced depression

  • increased focus

  • lower accounts of Alzheimer’s

  • increased grounding

Qigong is the practice of cultivating vital life-force through various techniques, including breath-work, self-massage, movement, and meditation. Because of the connection of the mind to breath and physical movements, qigong helps to calm the mind, relieving emotional stress and mental anxiety.

We often get asked if you should practice qigong everyday and the answer is "Yes—practice everyday!"

Qigong may be practiced daily for good results. Start with short routines or movements to keep it simple and doable.

Remember, movement is medicine!

Enjoy Qigong—go outside—sit or stand and take time to notice the difference in your body and your mental health.


Maryellen LaBelle is a healer and teacher, certified yoga and qigong instructor, Reiki Master + energy medicine practitioner. Maryellen integrates her wisdom from working in healthcare administration for 23+ years, her studies of traditional Chinese medicine, and holistic studies of qigong and yoga. She focuses on energy as the basis for bringing balance and peace into your life.

Marie Freeman is an energy medicine practitioner who understands the pressures of balancing daily life, work, and family. Marie is a Reiki Master Teacher and certified in Qigong, Chair & Restorative Yoga, Meditation, and Acupressure. Through these holistic modalities, Marie shows her students how to work with and harness their own energy to feel alive, healthy, and balanced.


Live alongside Nature — Reduce Stress — Restore Your Equilibrium

Lynne Pike

India’s traditional system of medicine, Ayurveda is holistic in nature—uniting your mind, body, senses, and soul. Ayurveda focuses on digestion, sleep, and energy to reduce stress and bring balance back into your life.


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