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  • Lynne Pike

Spring Is Waking Up

Updated: Apr 18

An exciting season, Spring, when birds sing and flowers bloom.

You can actually feel the earth waking up in Spring.

In Ayurveda (“Science of Life”), it is important to look at Nature in order to shed light on what’s happening inside your own being.

As the earth awakens, so does your body!

That means, it is time to get moving!

Daily movement is key in Spring.

As your body wakes from its dark Winter’s slumber, movement helps to melt away stagnation that has accrued in your digestion, your body, and your mind.

Moving helps to warm your body—cleanse your channels—bring sweat—and ring out toxins.

Try and get outside at least once a day...

  • What time of day works best for you? Be consistent

  • Choose an activity that you like

  • Opt for gentle exercise like walking, stretching, Qigong, Yoga, gardening

  • Explore your rhythms

  • See how your body feels to wake-up alongside Spring!


Live alongside Nature — Reduce Stress — Restore Your Equilibrium

Warmly, Lynne Pike


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