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  • Lynne Pike

To Cleanse ... or not ?

Updated: Apr 18

I'm sure you've heard a lot about cleansing and you may have even tried a cleanse before...

But have you tried a Seasonal Ayurveda Cleanse?

Ayurveda has specific guidelines around cleansing, without extreme measures or depravation.

However the question naturally arises in our modern society—to cleanse or not?

Creating Good Space

Ayurveda Cleansing is a wonderful preventative health method designed to Restore Your Equilibrium.

Ayurveda Cleansing releases stagnation and restores balance within your body + your mind.

Ayurveda Cleansing reduces chronic illness + disease by clearing out accrued toxins.

Ayurveda Cleansing also nourishes + nurtures your whole being, as adequate rest is an integral part of any Ayurveda detoxification process.

  • Resolve digestive issues

  • Reduce chronic illness

  • Reduce stress

  • Increase longevity

  • Increase energy + clarity of mind

  • Cultivate a healthier life

Common Questions

What Makes an Ayurveda Cleanse Different?

Ayurveda regards food + lifestyle practices as medicine and cleansing as a time of nurturing.

How Often Should One Cleanse?

Twice a year—your body needs to regularly clear out stagnation in order to balance its digestive fire, sleep, and energy levels.

Why is Cleansing Important?

Cleansing removes the buildup of toxins—which over time, can make your body sick and susceptible to chronic illness. Because Ayurveda Cleansing creates Good Space, it is a wonderful way to positively restore the functions of your body, your mind, your sense organs, and enhance your overall longevity.

When is Lynne's next Ayurveda Cleanse?

Find out here!


Live alongside Nature — Reduce Stress — Restore Your Equilibrium
Lynne Pike
India’s traditional system of medicine, Ayurveda is holistic in nature—uniting your mind, body, senses, and soul. Ayurveda focuses on digestion, sleep, and energy in order to reduce stress, improve upon your health, and restore balance back into your life.


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